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About Our Manga Club

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Come to Next Chapter Booksellers at 5:00pm on the second Saturday of every month to talk manga with other otaku! Hosted by our resident manga-dork Graham, the Manga Club provides a forum to casually discuss a new title every month -- no RSVP required!

The title for the upcoming meeting will be 15% off all month, every month. Shonen, shojo, seinen, josei – we’ll be covering a little of everything, so get ready to discover some new favorites! You bring your opinions and ideas, and we’ll bring the Ramune and Pocky. 

Below are some titles we might be reading later on. For a list of titles we've discussed in the past, go here. Check the Manga Club meetings on our events calendar to see upcoming books we've decided on for sure -- including what we'll be discussing at our next meeting!

Kamome Shirahama
Current price: $12.99
Best of the Year — AV Club, New York Public Library, Nerdist, SYFY Wire, Chicago Public Library "Harry Potter meets Kiki's Delivery Service!" -AV Club A beautifully-illustrated story about a girl who longs for magic in her life and learns that, on the inside, she already is what she wishes she coul ... Read More about
On Our Shelves Now
Dave Baker, Nicole Goux
Current price: $12.99
Set in 2005, this gorgeously illustrated, funny, and honest graphic novel follows four teens who stumble into an illicit anime DVD-burning business that shakes up their conservative small town…and their friendship. When Brooke, Kelly, Maggie, and Melissa buy a bootleg anime DVD at a gas station, the ... Read More about
Available for Order
Hitoshi Ashinano
Current price: $24.99
Don't miss this moving, critically acclaimed classic manga (which inspired the anime) about an android running a coffee shop in a slowly dying Japan--published in English for the first time in oversized omnibus editions! In a future Japan, long after an environmental catastrophe, Alpha the android r ... Read More about
On Our Shelves Now
Yoshitoki Oima
Current price: $12.99
A new manga from the creator of the acclaimed A Silent Voice, featuring intimate, emotional drama and an epic story spanning time and space... A lonely boy wandering the desolate tundra meets a wolf, and the two become fast friends, depending on each other to survive the harsh environment. But the b ... Read More about
On Our Shelves Now
Rumiko Takahashi
Current price: $24.99
Manga legend Rumiko Takahashi's classic horror series about mermaid flesh and immortality! They say that if one consumes mermaid flesh, one can attain immortality. Unfortunately, the more likely results include becoming horribly deformed or turning into a vicious monster! Even if one were to gain et ... Read More about
Two girls explore their haunted hometown in this beautifully illustrated manga. Akane, a member of her school's newspaper club, has a new assignment: write about the "haunted" places in her sprawling town. She decides to invite the new (and seemingly lonely) transfer student to come with her on her ... Read More about
Osamu Tezuka
Current price: $24.95
Previously published in three installments, the entire run of comic master Osamu Tezuka's enduring classic is herewith available in one volume at a new affordable price. The lauded adventures of a young swordsman and his rogue sidekick that also inspired the cult video game Blood Will Tell have neve ... Read More about
Available for Order
Alissa M. Sallah
Current price: $19.99
"Weeaboo is a graphic novel snapshot of growing up, by turns playful and serious, and a celebration of friendship and fandom, imperfections and all." — Foreword Reviews Perfect for fans of American Born Chinese, Peepo Choo and Sacred Heart, WEEABOO is a celebration and dissection of anime fandom, sm ... Read More about
On Our Shelves Now
Atsushi Kaneko, Osamu Tezuka
Current price: $14.99
From the cinematic mind of Atsushi Kaneko (Bambi and Her Pink Gun) comes a contemporary reimagining of the timeless, Eisner Award–winning Dororo, by "God of Manga" Osamu Tezuka (Buddha, Astro Boy). This is a tale of rage. Rage against hypocrisy, injustice, exploitation, and the wrongs done to a chil ... Read More about
Riyoko Ikeda
Current price: $13.99
The classic LGBT+ story by the creative master of Rose of Versailles! Born as “Claudine” in a female-assigned body that doesn’t reflect the man inside, this heart-wrenching story follows Claudine through life, pain, and the love of several women. Master shoujo mangaka Riyoko Ikeda explores gender a ... Read More about
Tsubasa Yamaguchi
Current price: $12.99
Now a hit Netflix Original Anime! A manga about the struggles and rewards of a life dedicated to art. Popular guy Yatora realizes he's just going through the motions to make other people happy and finds himself in a new passion: painting. But untethering yourself from all your past expectations is d ... Read More about
Available for Order
Kentaro Miura
Current price: $17.99
100 million years after the Great Destruction, life hangs on in the wastelands with human, demi-humans, and massive creatures fighting for survival. With the Empire of Olympus using colossal beasts to crush their adversaries, only gladiator Delos, mystic Prome, and the titan Gohra they become can ho ... Read More about
Available for Order
Fumiyo Kouno
Current price: $27.99
THE MANGA THAT INSPIRED THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED FILM--NOW ON NETFLIX! 1940’s Hiroshima Prefecture. Suzu, a young woman from the countryside, joins her new husband and his family in the shipbuilding city of Kure. As her beautiful home collapses around her, Suzu must confront the challenges of a new ... Read More about
On Our Shelves Now
Nakatani Nio
Current price: $13.00
Middle schooler Kon lives in a world with periodic exceptional phenomena, more commonly known as bugs. He works as the unofficial assistant to his landlady Kasane Himesaki, a leading researcher in the field, and they study the effects and impact of these mysterious abnormalities. Some of the bugs br ... Read More about
On Our Shelves Now