Postcards from Another World, and Other New Delights


Thanks to our rigorous and exacting buyers, we've got some great new products in recently that AREN'T books! In the business we call these sidelines, but I prefer 'delights.'

Pictured above, letterpress postcards from Kyupodo! These "postcards from another world" are styled after vintage Japanese advertisements for, e.g., an energy drink for cats, or a travel agency for ghosts (the Japanese text reads, partially: "cross-cultural exchange with humans -- work at a haunted house!"). These are guaranteed to amaze and confound, and would also fit well in a small picture frame.




We also have some new Japanese stationery, courtesy of Emily:

LIFE notebooks: high-quality, fountain-pen friendly paper; sewn, lay-flat binding! The larger size (the "Noble Note" line) have gold-embellished covers, and are available in grid, lined, or blank, but we also have smaller ones that are more affordable: the Kyupodo "Todai Note," a lined notebook made with the same paper and decorated with a little flipbook animation -- adorable!! LIFE has been making these notebooks in Tokyo since 1949!

MT Masking (Washi) Tape: colorful paper-based tapes that easily adhere to AND remove from almost any surface. These are perfect for gift-wrapping, scrapbooking, interior decorating, and more. If you aren't already a Washi tape enthusiast, try one and see! We'll be getting patterned tapes in a future order.




We've got cards and postcards from this world too! Check out our new zodiac cards from Pier Six Press! These beautiful, letterpress cards feature a unique design for each star-sign. Find them by our rotating zodiac-themed display next to the register. We now have a number of gorgeous cards with floral designs as well, befitting the start of spring, and Minnesota license plate cards with all of our favorite folksy regionalisms.




Lastly, we are proud to introduce stickers! We've curated a wonderful little collection -- my favorite being the Cat Meme Arcana by Ping Hatta. All it takes is one of these to make your water bottle, laptop, or notebook cover sing.


I'm proud to report that all these sidelines have been selling wonderfully in the few days since we've brought them in. They are unfortunately not available through our website here, so give them a browse next time you come in!