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Our website is only set up to sell books, but we'd like to give you an idea of what sort of non-book miscellany you can expect in the store! If you'd like to order one of these products, just call us at 651-225-8989.



Boxes of small, individually wrapped chocolates by Mayana. Next to them, a basket of B.T. McElrath Chocolates and a bin of Annie B.'s caramels.

Boxes of candy bars and packets of hot chocolate, labelled with handwritten signs reading "Mayana Sipping Chocolate / aka Fancy hot cocoa / 5-6 servings ... $11" and "Mayana Full-size Bars / nine u.s. dollars... $9"



Three postcards in Japanese, each seeming like a vintage newspaper advert. They are displayed on crumpled brown butcher paper labeled with "Postcards From Another World"

Two spinners loaded with colorful cards.

A stack of cards, each printed with a two-color design related to a zodiac sign, with a handwritten sign reading: Zodiac Cards $6.00 ea



A table covered with calendars, under a handwritten sign saying "Calendars."

Bins of wall calendars rest against the store's front window.



A standing display of stickers of various designs.

A display of romance-related stickers on a shelf surrounded by romance books.



Two shelves; the top one is filled with Japanese stationery products, while the bottom has sets of cards in various designs.

A glass jar full of colored and patterned washi tape, with a handwritten label that reads: Washi! 3.99 ea


Model Kits

A wall of shelves covered in model kits, interspersed with completed display copies behind plexiglass.

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And More!

Handmade pairs of earrings for sale, each painted to look like a classic book. In the foreground, "The Great Gatsby" and "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings."

A standing display of block-printed bookmarks of various colors, featuring two different cat-related designs. Labeled with a price of $7.95 ea.

A gumball machine in front of the poetry shelf has been repurposed and filled with capsules, each containing a printed poem and some candy. A paper attached to the inside says "Pocket Poetry & Candy"

The column next to the cookbooks shelf, festooned with cat-themed oven mitts and tea towels, and a bin labelled "Tea Towels"

A magnetic slate sign with colored foam letters attached reading "Hey! Typeset Foam Letters / $32.00/pack  / Wow." Below are packs of the letters for sale.

Birdhouses have been suspended to hang from the ceiling, along with a large decorative tree branch, above the nature books table.

A display with four varieties of book-related socks for sale, labelled "Here we have several kinds of socks."