Common Good Amateur Love Poems


The banners have come down but the poems are still up. Online, that is. Read a new poem each week by all 12 finalists, from now until the end of summer.

linda’s birthday, #12

a bit of picnic on a friday night,
with brats, potato salad, and a square
of chocolate torte wrapped in candle light,
a hint of autumn drifting in the air.
i hadn’t brought a present, couldn’t think
of what to get you, what you need or want;
a year had vanished, disappearing ink;
we toasted yet another, nonchalant –
but well we know the days are growing shorter,
and the groaning wheel will one day cease to turn;
the game is entering the final quarter;
the meeting will conclude, and we’ll adjourn.
until then? happy birthday, with a kiss;
i offer my companionship – and this.


-Roy Close