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PICKUP: Free and always available. Order online or over the phone for in-store pickup. We'll notify you when the order is ready, and you can pick them up at your leisure.

DELIVERY: Available for purchases over $50 (no additional delivery fee) to addresses in St. Paul. Deliveries made after 4PM Monday through Friday. We hold deliveries until all the items are available; if you order two books and only one is in stock, we'll hold the order until the other arrives. We'll make exceptions for particularly large orders (10+ items) or for preorders some months in the future (e.g. everything's in stock except a book that comes out 5 months from now).

USPS MEDIA MAIL: $5.50 for the first book and $1.25 for each additional item. Free for orders over $50! Media mail is not available for puzzles, games, gifts, etc.

UPS: $8.50 for the first book and $1.25 for each additional item.

Some books ship from our distributor's warehouses instead of the store. We'll let you know if your order contains one.