Are you open for browsing? Do I need to make an appointment?
We are open for browsing between 10AM-5PM Monday through Saturday and between 12PM-5PM on Sundays, no appointment necessary. Wear your mask, please. We cap entry at ten customers, and we'll let you in as soon as possible.

Where do I find parking?
Free parking is available in front of the store and in the lot north of Grand Avenue, just east of Snelling.

What kind of books do you sell?
New fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Can you help me find a book?
Yes! You can search for the book online or call the store. Start by typing an author, title, keyword, or ISBN into the search bar on the left. Most of the time, the book you're looking for shows up right away... but if you can't find a title, email info@nextchapterbooksellers.com or call 651-225-8989.

Will you hold a book for me?
Yes! We can hold books through the end of the business day. If it's urgent, call 651-225-8989 and pay over the phone.

Can you recommend a book?
We love to make recommendations! Our booksellers read in every form and genre, and we love making discoveries. If you feel like getting adventurous, you can find staff picks on the menu at the top of the website.

When will my order be ready to pick up?
If the book is in stock, you called us, and you paid for it over the phone, your order is ready now. If you placed an online order, you'll get two emails: one immediately after checkout letting you know it went through, and a second email from a bookseller with details on pickup. If you urgently require a book, place your order over the phone!

The book I want isn't in stock. If I ordered it, when would it arrive?
When you place a special order, Next Chapter and other booksellers in the Twin Cities will get it from a distributor called Ingram (most of the time). Ingram has two warehouses: one in Indiana and one in Tennessee. Depending on the warehouse, your order can take between three to six business days.

Can you order a new book in paperback?
Yes, if it's available in trade paperback in America. A book usually stays in hardcover for a year before the American publisher issues it in paperback. If you found a paperback on Amazon for a brand new release, it might be a foreign edition (the UK often does paperback first, or simultaneous paperback/hardcover releases), a large print edition, or even a bootleg copy.

Do you sell audiobooks?
Yes, if they are available in a physical format. These days publishers often issue audiobooks as digital-only releases. But you can get a digital audiobook and support us at the same time: buy it through Libro.fm! Choose to support Next Chapter during the sign-up process, and Libro.fm shares the profits with us.

Do you sell used books?
We only carry new books.

Will you carry my book?
If your book is available through a publisher, contact info@nextchapterbooksellers.com. If your book is self-published, read the Consignment page for instructions on submitting your book for sale.

Do you host events?
Yes! Our events are online-only for the moment. We're assessing when and how to return to hosting events in the store.

What is the Frequent Buyer Club? What is my membership number?
The Frequent Buyer Club is a free-to-join rewards program tied to your phone number. Give your phone number at the register or in the Membership ID field online. You'll receive a credit equal to the average cost of every twelve books you buy. (Make sure it's the same number each time!) Credits expire two years from their date of issue.

Do you offer discounts?
We offer discounts for students and educators. Purchases made with a student or educator discount don't count towards Frequent Buyer Club credits.

Are you hiring?
Not right now. You're always welcome to send a resume and cover letter.

Can you ship or deliver?
Yes! Read about our shipping options here. We also offer delivery of orders over $50 (only in St. Paul).

What's your return policy?
You can return a book for a full refund for two weeks after your purchase with your receipt. Books must be in their original condition. After two weeks, you can either exchange the book for store credit or for a different item. Store credit cannot be redeemed without the receipt printed on return of the book.