Barbara Schlichting reads from The Broken Circle

   Five friends, a death, and a mysterious disappearance—these are the ingredients of Barbara Schlichting’s absorbing new novel, The Broken Circle.  The once closely-knit circle of women began unravelling after a series of traumatic events in the spring of 1970; the death of warmhearted Margo reunites the survivors in the present.  The painful secrets that tore them apart are gradually revealed through the alternating voices of prim Nancy, reckless Judy, and troubled pastor Sharon. In order to heal and move on, the threesome resolves to solve the mystery of party girl Vicky’s disappearance on Prom night nearly half a century earlier.  Readers will root for these women as they struggle to learn the truth about their friend’s fate. Schlichting’s touching, sometimes harrowing narrative explores the serious issues of PTSD, alcoholism, homosexuality, and sexual violence until the friends finally reach closure and open their lives to a future promising love and fulfilment.

--Carol Kusnierek




About the Author:

Author Barbara Schlichting was born and raised in Minneapolis where her First Ladies Mystery Series is set. Barbara graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School in 1970, and still has many friends here in the Twin Cities. More information can be found at


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