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Long Goes to Dragon School

Long Goes to Dragon School

Current price: $18.99
Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
Yeehoo Press
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★ Lunar New Year 2024 Year of the Dragon Gift Guide

★ National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist 2023

★ Northern Lights Book Awards Winner 2023

Wrapped in Eastern and Western dragon lore, this fantasy tale celebrates perseverance, cultural inclusion, and self-discovery.

It's the first day of Dragon School, where all the young dragons must learn how to harness their fire-breathing skills. Today's lesson? Using it to cook food All the dragons are excited to test their powers . . . except Long. Long is from the East and can only breathe out water. No matter how hard he huffs and puffs, he isn't sure he can match his fire-breathing classmates. But will his talents be discovered? Or will Long find his own unique path to cooking-and to fitting in?

From TOFU TAKES TIME author Helen H. Wu and New York Times bestselling illustrator Mae Besom (WHAT DO YOU DO WITH AN IDEA?) comes a gorgeously illustrated and stirring tale around self-discovery.