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Blancaflor, The Hero with Secret Powers: A Folktale from Latin America: A TOON Graphic (TOON Latin American Folktales)

Blancaflor, The Hero with Secret Powers: A Folktale from Latin America: A TOON Graphic (TOON Latin American Folktales)

Current price: $16.99
Publication Date: September 14th, 2021
TOON Books

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This delightful children's graphic novel is also, at 45 pages, short enough to serve as a single-sitting read-aloud for younger kids. The lively illustrations, by turns playful and striking, alongside clever compositions and page layouts, make it an enjoyable read for comics enthusiasts of all ages. The writing succesfully evokes the timeless feeling of a fairytale, while expressing a modern theme of love through self-acceptance. As with other Toon Graphics releases, the story is bookended by a few pages of historical context and cultural analysis; these are engaging and accessible, and offer an avenue towards broader discussions with curious children. Parents should note that one scene depicts the titular princess holding a sword against her stomach in a moment of despair: though not graphic, this moment could prove upsetting to younger or more sensitive readers.

— Graham


One of the New York Times Best Children's Books of 2021

A Children’s Book about finally being seen. Blancaflor, a superb graphic storytelling of a classic Latin American folktale, showcases the invisible labor of women and the contributions of Indigenous cultures.

A damsel to the rescue! Raised by a mean ogre of a father who eats his opponents for dinner, Blancaflor is often told not to show off her own considerable powers for fear of scaring off suitors. When a prince falls from the sky and wakes up in her lap, she is spellbound and moves heaven and earth to help the endearing, yet not so clever, young man, all while trying not to let him know. With their trademark magnificent brio, Nadja Spiegelman and Sergio García Sánchez update a classic tale extolling the strength and resourcefulness of women.

About the Author

Nadja Spiegelman is the Eisner Award-nominated author of the Zig and Wikki series of science comics for young children and the editor-in-chief of an international literary magazine. Her memoir, I’m Supposed to Protect You from All This, was published by Riverhead. She is a contributing editor at The Paris Review and the co-editor of the 2016- 2017 project Resist!, a magazine of women’s political comics and graphics.
Sergio García Sánchez, a professor of comics in Angoulême, France, and at the University of Granada, Spain, is one of Europe’s most celebrated experimental cartoonists. His work has been published in over forty-five books and translated into nine languages. He lives in Granada with his wife and collaborator, Lola Moral, who colored the art for this book.